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Photographed with a 4x5 Linhoff Technika and a 360mm Tele Arton lens on Kodak Photomicrography film, with E4 processing. I knew that the full moon would be rising just after sunset on that day, so set up to photograph the mountain at sunset, and then re-expose for the moon after it had risen. Because the lens was a telephoto, it gave the moon a good size

...I knew that the full moon would be rising just after sunset...

relationship to the mountain. This unique film would render whites white, blues blue, and greens green, but would enhance reds more naturally than dididium enhancing filters, which effect all the colors. It was also finer grained than Kodachrome 25, and very, very thin. Long since discontinued, I bought up remaining available quantities and some processing kits, and process it once every two years in tanks using special curved holders that prevent the film from flopping out when agitated.




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